Bathroom heating – What are your options?

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It’s getting to that time of year when the thought of getting out of a warm shower in the morning and stepping into a cold bathroom can fill you with dread. In Melbourne, the particularly cold mornings are upon us and bathroom linen takes a lot longer to dry, which can result in a musty bathroom and unhygienic conditions. So, let us take you through the options to heat your bathroom:

Heat lamps

Ideally suited to a small bathroom, heat lamps, such as an IXL Tastic can quickly heat up bathrooms. While the power they draw can make them quite inefficient, they are only used for a short period and therefore shouldn’t add too much to the power bill. While they will make the journey out of the shower more bearable, they will not be strong enough to dry your towels as the heat they produce is limited to the ceiling area.

Heated towel rails

Who doesn’t love a warm towel to dry themselves with? Heated towel rails are an excellent choice to dry towels and can supply a small bathroom with a source of heat. They will need to be positioned in an area that make them easily accessible when exiting the shower to ensure the towel can remain on the rail until it is required.

Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms recommends hardwiring heated towel rails. You can choose whether to operate the heated towel rail by switch or by a timer.

Underfloor heating

If you are renovating and looking at heating a larger bathroom, underfloor heating is the ultimate in bathroom heating. While installing underfloor heating will be the most expensive bathroom heating option, it will last the test of time and can add value to your property when reselling. Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms uses and recommends the HotWire Underfloor Heating System which is controlled via a thermostat. The heating is exceptionally energy efficient and can be automated to go on and go off at set times of the day, tailored to your personal needs.

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