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Bathroom trends and styles are ever changing. It seems that every few weeks a new trend is taking shape and it can be difficult to incorporate these styles into a new bathroom renovation. It can be useful, however, to understand these trends and the opportunities they bring before designing your new space. Your bathroom will outlast these trends, but you can still take inspiration from your favourite designer spaces when planning your own renovation.


A bathroom needs to be designed around its functionality. It should be designed in a way that suits your ever-changing family. It should be easy to clean, safe and low maintenance. With all these things in mind, you can then choose your fittings and fixtures to suit.


Timber vanities have certainly been the front-runner in terms of vanity choices in the first part of 2018. The handles can be incorporated in the overall design or can become a feature. Timber handles are very popular, even on timber vanities, or handles can be used to accentuate the overall style of the room. This stunning French Oak timber vanity is available to purchase from Ingrain Designs

A high-quality vanity is worth the splurge in a bathroom renovation. It is perhaps, the most used item in the bathroom and for this reason, ensuring your vanity is made from quality materials and the fittings and fixtures are designed for heavy duty use. At Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms, we can custom build your vanity cabinetry to suit your family’s personal needs.

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When considering a basin for your bathroom, square or curved shapes are both on trend. Thin, vessel style basins can be an eye-catching detail for your bathroom. Something to remember though, when using a top mount basin, the vanity height should always be lowered.


2018 has seen straight-line and matte tapware become the front runner in terms of popularity. Matte black, champagne or brushed gold tapware have all been top picks so far this year. When considering your tapware choices, you should ensure it suits your overall bathroom style. If your fittings and fixtures are all organic profiles, you might find rounded tapware would be more suitable. Similarly, if your bathroom consists of straight lines and square profiles, linear tapware would be a better choice.


While a classic subway tile will always be a popular choice, if you’re looking for a statement tile, some hot trends for 2018 include:

  • Zellige Tiles

These beautiful Morrocan handcrafted clay tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used as a feature tile in a bathroom and add a distinct character and depth to your designer space. As these tiles are individual with subtle differences to each tile, the light reflection from Zellige tiles creates an illusion of brightness and can make a space feel bigger.

  • Tainted Glass

Tainted glass tiles have been popular for some time. Neutral and pastel tones have been particularly popular in these glass beauties throughout 2018.

  • Geometric tiles

Geometric tiles are still a popular choice. They can be used as a floor or wall tile and instantly draw the observers eye toward the desired area. Fused with subtler elements and raw materials such as timber, geometric tiles add a sense of drama to a bathroom.

  • Penny tiles

As versatile as the iconic subway tile, penny tiles can be used in any style bathroom and always look amazing. Using a contrasting grout colour can be a great choice in a modern bathroom and matching grout helps the penny tile to become a subtler feature of any bathroom.

  • Terrazzo

Fast becoming a more popular choice than marble in modern bathrooms, terrazzo tiles come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Terrazzo tiles can easily be complemented with concrete, stone or timber and help to create a memorable room.

  • Hexagon

Hexagon tiles have been on trend for a few years now and can still be used as a feature tile, however, it’s the size we are seeing a difference with this year. Larger, matte, hexagon tiles are now being used as floor tiles, and we are loving the look it creates in a variety of bathroom styles.


One way to stay on trend all year round in the bathroom is by accessorising. Bright coloured towels and accessories in the Spring and Summer and richer, warm hues in the Autumn and Winter. Candles can also bring a luxurious feel to a bathroom and your favourite hand soap can be displayed in your desired coloured soap dispenser.


Our last tip for creating a lasting impression in the bathroom is greenery. Plants add a sense of peace and tranquility to bathrooms. They match almost every colour palette and soften a space that generally has hard surfaces.

Whichever trend you plan to follow, at Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms we can help you with your design through to completion. Feel free to contact us regarding a free in-home consultation.

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