How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

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Bathroom freestanding bath

A bathroom or kitchen renovation is a relatively common renovation most of us will undertake at some point in our lives. We are often asked upfront, ‘How much does a bathroom renovation cost?’ There’s no easy answer to this question and so many factors come into play with bathroom renovations.

In our experience, a quality, all-inclusive renovation on an average sized bathroom costs between $25,000- $38,000. Why such a huge discrepancy? Well, for the most part, it comes down to the following:

Quality and Price of your Prime Cost items
They are the tiles, bath, toilet, toilet roll holder, towel rail, mirror and vanity choice. If you are going for a budget bathroom, choosing cheaper items may lower the overall cost of your bathroom. If you after a deluxe bathroom, your product choice will obviously be more expensive. At Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms, these prime cost items form part of your quote. We make reasonable allowances for all your bathroom fittings and fixtures, so your quote price matches the finished renovation price. If your prime cost items tally at a cheaper price, your total contract price will be amended to match the actual price.

Many qualified and licenced trades are required for a successful bathroom renovation. These include the following:
• Demolishers and Floor Grinders
• Carpenters
• Plumbers
• Electricians
• Plasterers
• Waterproofers
• Tilers
• Fit Off Carpenters
• Painters
• Cleaners

These trades are experts in their field and as such, they are paid for their services. When it comes to trades, you really do get what you pay for. At Melbourne Kitchens and Bathrooms, we use and manage quality trades people. We believe that using expert tradespeople will deliver a quality bathroom no matter what your budget.

Cost Saving Measures
If you are renovating on a budget you might want to consider the following cost saving measures:
• Keep existing plumbing fitting placements. This is especially true if your house sits on a slab.
• Choose cheaper fittings and fixtures but be aware of warranties and quality. Always check the warranty with your supplier and ensure they meet Australian standards (they will have a watermark)
• Use feature tiles in small spaces such as a shower or bath reveal rather than a whole wall.
• Buy an off the shelf vanity. These may be cheaper but won’t be custom built to suit your bathroom or your family’s needs.
• Use an acrylic freestanding bath instead of porcelain, stone or steel bath. You might be pleasantly surprised at the look you can still achieve at a much lower price

Last tips:
• NEVER skimp on waterproofing! Using an expert waterproofer will be a great investment in your renovation. A tiny pin hole in your waterproofing can cause huge problems in years to come and you could find yourself spending a lot more money should a waterleak spread to surrounding rooms. Professional waterproofing also comes with a 7-year warranty.
• A bathroom will need to be stripped bare before any new works can take place. This will enable the carpenter to straighten, plumb and level the existing wall and framing. This is an absolute must! If your walls and floor are not right to begin with, your tiles will peak at joints, grout lines will not line up and cornice lines will not be level.
• When you renovate, some things are out of your control, especially with older homes. Water damage or finding asbestos will quickly push up your renovation budget. You might find your electrical and plumbing will need to be brought to current code which will also add to your expense.

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